Peter and Michaela 7-11-13

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So here it goes.  My first blog post.  I've been debating on this subject for awhile.  I worry whether or not to start because I either will not have much to say, won't be able to keep up on it, or if anything I have to say is worthy of reading.  Putting all my fears aside, the wedding event that is inspiring me to start is Peter and Michaela.

About 9 years ago, our oldest Sophia met a 16 year old girl named Becky Clark.  Playing peek a boo though our church window. They fell in love and have been inseparable ever since.   Along with Becky comes the entire Clark Family.  Stephanie and Hal have four beautiful kids both on the inside and out.  The Clark Family have become our dear friends that are as close to family as we can be.  Sharing in their lives has been one of the most rewarding experiences I will ever know.  In the time we have spent together we have watched all four kids grow from adolescence to adults.  (Me, taking notes along the way.)  We have watched relationships form just like Peter and Michaela.  

Sarah the youngest was a Freshman in high school starting out on the dive team.  She had an amazing mentor and friend in Michaela.   The first time I met Michaela she was over studying with Peter. (I think.)  There was a lot of giggling and teasing.  Weeks later they were joined at the hip.   Watching them both grow, graduating, going to college together and starting a life together has made me proud to know such special people and to be apart of their lives.

When it came time to propose, there was no question it was going to happen, just when.  I was there to take pictures of the joyous occasion just as I have been with most all the great events in the Clark family.  I really didn't give them much choice on who would be there to photograph their big day.  

The day has come and there was so many things that made me smile, laugh and cry.  Usually the day before the Wedding, I go through the same nervous process.  Trying to find the best most comfortable outfit, getting all my batteries charged and pack my bag.  Double check my time line and make my beautiful husband coo coo crazy in the process.  10 years I've been going through the same process and I secretly think Tom thinks or wishes I would change.  The morning starts with coffee and complete joy as I head down the road to Hidden Meadows in Snohomish.  As I step into the brides room I am greeted with the Bride and 6 of her closest friends.  The bride took great care in thinking of everyone around her and hanging up were 7 silk robes for the girls to wear while getting ready.  Michaela had everything set for such a great seamless day.  As hair was being done and make up I would pop in and out while getting details of the dress and her cute light pink heeled Toms.  The rest of the family was busy getting things decorated, hanging lights and lanterns and the Michaela's Mom setting up her cake.  One of the best tasting cakes I a have had.  A big shout out to Mrs. Caldwell!  As the boys show up to get ready I run back and forth getting every moment.  With this wedding, I could go on and on.  I've decided to add a section of my LOVES.


Flowers by Joey, friend and amazing Florist.  The special moment when she presents the bride with her bouquet.  Tears for sure. 

The moment when her Father saw her in her dress for the first time.  He got very choked up.  Tears again.

The Venue, Hidden Meadows.  Such a great spot that fit all 300 guests comfortably with so many shooting options like the train tracks the Bride really wanted.  

The ice cream cart from Whidbey Island Ice Cream Company, owned by the brides family with the bride and grooms favorite flavors.  My daughters favorite part of the wedding as well. 

321 Foto, the photo booth was such a fantastic way to keep people entertained and make one of the most fun guestbook you will ever see. 

The Bridal Party!  So much fun and so cooperative and ready for anything.  You guys kept me laughing all night long.  The dance routine, was not only entertaining but a fantastic way of getting everyone up on the dance floor.  Peter and Michaela are truly blessed to have friends like you guys.  With all of the speeches, I know you all feel the same about them.  

Like I said I could go on and on. So Peter and Michaela I am so extremely happy for you and I can't wait to continue on this journey of life with you and your new family.  



Lana DOUPE(non-registered)
Captured every beautiful moment, it was a fantastic wedding. Great job Carrie
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