Music meets Medicine, the combination is absolute perfection.

Ashlin is a Community Health doctor at the clinic my husband Tom used to work at, so we had an inside scoop on the incredibly beautiful human being that is Ashlin. Since Tom is my biggest fan, he was able to put in a good word and she added my name to the list of candidates for the photography position. When I met with Peter and Ashlin for the first time, it was like sitting down with old friends to catch up. When you are a part of a particular community, it becomes a small world situation in ways you didn't expect. Peter is a musician; a saxophonist to be precise. So what could be a long story, I'll make it quick. He knows and plays with an amazing singer and bass player that I had fallen in love with earlier in the year, and we also found out he was roommates in college with one of our dear friends. It was meant to be! ( I was thinking in my head :) ) I was super excited to hear about the plans for their wedding day. It was going to start out with an intimate ceremony and a small hike at Bowman Bay next to Deception Pass bridge. The reception with the rest of their family and friends was going to be held down at the group camp area with live music, food and a campfire to celebrate the rest of the evening. Needless to say, life changed (Stupid COVID), but the ceremony plans stayed the same.

The Wedding Day

One of the things that we photographers are obsessed about is weather. Closely watching the weather forecast until the wedding day arrives. Starting out the week, it was all rain. A few days later, it turned into intermittent rain showers, so we planned to be ready for whatever came our way. The day of forecast was for rain in the morning with the sun breaking through around ceremony time. It turned out to be the most accurate day of forecast I have ever seen. When Tom and I pulled up; there was rain. As the Bride and Groom pulled in, all the rain vanished. We began our "little" hike to get to the site, which started out grey, but the sun began peeking through the clouds upon arrival! With everyone situated, the ceremony could begin.

Amazing music set the tone for a breathtaking, intimate gathering. One of the main moments of the ceremony included tributes to Ashlin and Peter with stories and well wishes from their family and friends presented to them with rocks from all over. As an outsider looking in, I feel that I have learned so much about what amazing down to earth, adventure loving, pure hearted beautiful humans that have dedicated their lives to making this world a better place. The ceremony ended with a perfectly dramatic sunset sky. My heart gets full when I am a witness to such love and joy that is shared between family and friends and I am reminded of how much I love doing what I do.

Tom and I are so blessed to be a small part of your love story! Congratulations to you both!