From Sunrise to Sunset

Rachel and Tim, what can I say. It was the best adventure a girl could ask for. Filled with exploration, fun, laughter and all the tears.

Have you ever had a friend, that when you met, it was like you were always friends from the very beginning of time? The one friend that every time you get together, you leave each other with stomach pains because you laughed so hard? The one friend, that has been a big sister to my girls and the stand in husband when Tom gets busy being an amazing nurse? The one friend that is your family? Rachel is that friend. So when your friend meets the man that is her person, that adds to her amazingness and makes her glow; you want their day of celebration to be the best day ever! Both Tim and Rachel I'm pretty sure, knew from the beginning that they were going to be together always. Tim loves to do all of the things Rachel loves, he admires her and challenges her. He is the perfect one for Rachel.

When it came time for wedding planning, having family in Nebraska, Texas and Minnesota, along with an entire church congregation that would be invited to the wedding, the pandemic made having a small 5 person ceremony the best option. My husband Tom has been ordained by the internet for awhile now and has married several couples through the years, so it made sense that he would marry Tim and Rachel. Rachel being blessed with two amazing photographer friends completed the wedding entourage! Add one airbnb in one of the most beautiful places around, you couldn't have asked for more.

From the moment the sun came up until the moment the sun went down, the entire day was documented so that they are able to share the entire wedding story with all of their family and friends. (Warning... So many pictures!)

Sunrise Coffee

getting ready

first look

Madison falls

crescent lake

cake cutting at Fairholm

forks for Lunch!

Just a girl and a boy all dressed up for lunch at the drive-in.

Ruby Beach Ceremony

Bride and Groom at the beach

final celebration

all the amazing vendors and details